Reporting & Performance Rating Service

We present our first SaaS solution, Bitreport, your new right-hand app for keeping track of business reports, performance and resources, primarily human ones. Keep an eye on the critical things in your day-to-day ops without actively looking, and let Bitreport give you the Business intelligence required for decision making.


Take hold of Quality Assurance

Forget about the scrambled PDFs that clutter your inbox, or the notes that you constantly have to rummage through, and embrace easily searchable, already digested business information presented through digital dashboards. Be sure to get only the information that you value and perceive where your standards are followed and applied in practice. Allow yourself the ability to react preemptively to relevant performance data for those mission-critical decisions.


Hey, when was the last time you… Oh, never mind.

Take charge of your business and get to act without prior investigation into present issues, those responsible, or other time sinks. Whether or not everything is in order and who took care of it is but a few clicks away, always. Ensure that you and others are always reported to where and when you expect to.


Value for Small Business Owners

You don’t need a complex hierarchy of who answers to whom to instill the values of precision, responsibility, and quality into your team. Always count on knowing which leads have not been followed up yet, which approach made the most sense and yielded the best results, and much more simply by filling your records with live business information. Reflection is key to improvement no matter the size of your organization, and there is always something that can be learned and shared through comparison and mutual experience within your business.


Surveillance as a Service?

Not quite, Bitreport is not about tracking individuals and their faults, instead, it focuses on the performance of the business as a whole, and seeks to empower its users to perform better in their work environment and improve in those areas that require more attention and work put in. If one of your units is working better than everyone else, you will be the first to know and the first to be able to apply what is learned elsewhere.